Le parcours par année - BBA - ESC Troyes

Your "a la carte" curriculum

 BBA - ESC Troyes is a 4-year Bachelor's programme focusing on the international dimension. Here are the highlights of the programme on a year-by-year basis ! 

Year 1 - Get a taste of business2 semesters of courses in France100% Englishor Fench & EnglishIntership - 2 months minimum

Year 2 - Get ready for life abroad1 semester of courses in France100%Englishor French & EnglishInternship - 5 months minimum

Year 3 - Broaden your horizons2 semesters of courses abroad - Simple exchange & double degree (32)4 tracks :EnglishItalianSpanishGermanGerman Track : sponsored and accredited by UFA - Université franco-allemande ; Deutsch-Französishe Hochschule

Optional gap year

Year 4 - Choose and manage your future1 semester of courses in France100%English6 month internship in international company

Diploma awarded : BBA ESC Troyes + Degree from partner university abroad