Work experience

At least 13 months' work experience

In France or abroad, the work experience of SCBS' BBA Programme  aims at developing the skills and actions expected of any future manager (initiative, foresight, analysis, synthesis, negotiation, communication, and team management). The broad variety of work experience during the 4 years of the curriculum allow our graduates to enter the labour market with actual international and professional experience.

1st year: At least 2 months

This 2-month introductory work experience helps initiate students into the professional world, learning about the internal workings and life of a company. Examples:

  • France: Marion, Purchasing Assistant for PSA Peugeot Citroën in Poissy
  • China: Jean-Philippe, Business Developer for DT Logistics Ltd in Hong Kong
  • France: Clémence, Marketing Assistant for Aéroport de Paris in Orly

2nd year: At least 5 months

The international operational work placement is the students' first experience abroad. We ensure that the students are given a genuine assignment, including practical work or a reflection on the resources to be implemented to improve the existing situation.


  • Australia: Charlène, Business Development Assistant for Tyresales in Perth 
  • Cambodia: Brice, Marketing & Sales Assistant for Meal Temple in Phnom Penh
  • Mexico: Stéphane, Administrative Manager Assistant for Costa Bonita in Mazatlan

3rd year: optional work experience

As the entire 3rd year is spent with one of our international partners, everyone's schedule is different. This is why we offer you the possibility of completing optional work experience according to your availability. An additional plus for your CV!



4th year: 6 months

The purpose of the international work experience is to implement all the academic knowledge acquired. This assignment will demonstrate your ability to join the labour market and showcase your skills to hold a position of responsibility within a company.


  • UK: Roxanne, Customer Relationship Management Analyst for Lacoste in London
  • France: Sylvain, Junior Marketing Analyst for FXCM in Paris
  • Germany: Chloé, Supply Chain Management & Customer Solutions Assistant, Danone in Haar
  • USA: Luisa, Sales & Project Manager for Exco Automotive Solutions in Troy, Michigan

Optional transition year: 10 months' work experience

Between the 3rd and 4th year, we recommend that all our students benefit from this optional work experience period to make the most of a lengthy internship experience. In France or abroad, this is an opportunity to acquire dual academic and professional know-how, while benefiting from the support, guidance and advice of our dedicated teams. it should be noted that the minimum period is 10 months including 6 within the same company.