Franco-German curriculum

Optional french/german dual degree track

In a global market where economies are increasingly interdependent, we have developed a tailor-made curriculum focusing on Franco-German relationships. The students who opt for this curriculum prepare for a dual degree via 2 semesters of classes completed by one semester's work experience in Germany.

Dual culture, dual degree

Germany is France's no. 1 economic partner and French and German businesses are more than ever looking for young German-speaking French people who have already lived and worked in the country.

To respond to this demand, SCBS's BBA Programme proposes a specific curriculum with support from the Franco-German University (UFA).

An adapted bicultural curriculum

In partnership with the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, this curriculum certified by the Franco-German University (UFA) prepares students for a dual degree. This bicultural curriculum includes a lengthy work experience period as well as one year's study in Germany.

A closer look at the curriculum

  • In the 1st year, during the two semesters in France, there is language preparation for the trip abroad in the German classes.
  • In the 2nd year, the 1st semester of classes is in France while the 2nd is in the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences.
  • In the 3rd year, the 1st semester is dedicated to compulsory work experience in Germany and the 2nd semester is spent in the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences.
  • Finally, 4th year students are reintegrated into the curriculum of SCBS' BBA Programme with the other students.