Specialisations of BBA - SCBS

Choosing your 4th year specialisation

SCBS' BBA Programme is a general curriculum in international management. However, in the 4th year we offer you four specialisation majors to enhance your knowledge, refine your expertise and guide you towards the careers best suited to you. 

Finance (Corporate Finance - Portfolio Management)

In addition to the core course where you will learn how to assess and select investment projects as well as commercially develop a company on the international stage, the finance specialisation will reinforce your knowledge of the long and short-term fundraising domain as well as the management of an assets portfolio.

Marketing (Digital Marketing - International Communication Strategy)

A key differentiation and economic sustainability driver, innovation is examined within a global context through the organisation and structure of businesses to identify strategic development opportunities.

Supply Chain (Sourcing and Marketing - Global Logistics)

Studying procurement, its role within the company and logistics within an international perspective is a differentiation driver for success regardless of the context. This specialisation helps comprehend Supply Chain challenges, constraints, problems and opportunities.

Human Resources (Talent Management, Diversity Management)

Develop your company's international mobility policy. From searching for new talent abroad to supporting your staff outside our borders, there are multiple skills to be acquired.