Opening up to others

Learning about others... And yourself!

Starter Seminar, Music'Week, Business Game,... Here are examples of the variety of events on offer within Groupe ESC Troyes, In collaboration with students from our other programmes. This is what awaits you when you join our BBA - SCBS. 

Think outside the box!

Because expertise in the international management domain is essential for developing your career, the capacity to collaborate with others is extremely important.

This is why we have decided to bring together the students of  SCBS' BBA Programme, Bachelor's in Tourism Management of the École Supérieure de Tourisme and those of the École Supérieure de Design for joint classes and case studies.

Learning from each other

Of course, not all classes will be shared. Every programme has specific courses relating to its field. Yet, this is not what is most important. What is important is to exchange and build together. These moments should allow you to open up to others and thrive by learning from others through fun and the exploration of many subjects.

I want to look at some examples